• Single Hung Window Installation
Single Hung Window Installation1

Single Hung Window

Single Hung Window Features

  • Improved energy efficiency from a beveled, multi-chambered vinyl

  • Air conditioner and screen friendly

    Unlike casement windows, hung windows can accept air conditioners and screens. Because they slide up and down instead of cranking out or sliding to the side, they can hold AC units safely and screens can be added and removed when necessary
  • To clean

    Newer hung windows have tilt-out upper or lower sashes (the part of the window that holds the glass). This makes the windows easier to clean
  • Integral pull rail for easy operation of sash

  • 3-1/4" Retrofit frame depth for structural integrity

  • 2-3/4" Nail-on frame depth for structural integrity

  • Aluminum reinforced sashes for structural integrity

  • 3/4" insulated glass unit featuring LoE3 glass

  • Quanex Duralite spacer provides the highest level of thermal performance of glass

  • All-round weather stripping for additional thermal performance

  • CafĂ© Shades & Blinds Between the Glass

Window Configurations

Window Options

Grid Options

About LowE Glass

Window Options

Glass Options

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Color Options

Frame Options

Block Frame

For replacement applications or special installs that require this application

Retrofit Frame

For replacement of previous door or opening. The replacement fin allows for simple installation avoiding any replacement of existing Aluminum Frames or any need to break stucco.

Nail-On Frame

For new construction projects. Includes a nail on fin for easy attachment.

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