Horizontal Sliding Windows

Terra-Nova sliding windows open horizontally along a track in the window frame. These windows can on average be near twice the size of single or double hung windows,. They have the options of choosing to or not to feature muntins to divide the panes. In modern windows, muntins are set between two panes of glass to give the appearance of a divided pane without sacrificing efficiency.

Horizontal Sliding Window Features


  • - Improved energy efficiency from a beveled, multi-chambered vinyl
  • - Air conditioner and screen friendly Unlike casement windows, hung windows can accept air conditioners and screens.
  • - Integral pull rail for easy operation of sash
  • - 3-1/4" Retrofit frame depth for structural integrity
  • - 2-3/4" Nail-on frame depth for structural integrity
  • - Aluminum reinforced sashes for structural integrity
  • - 3/4" insulated glass unit featuring LoE3 glass
  • - Quanex Duralite spacer provides the highest level of thermal performance of glass
  • - All-round weather stripping for additional thermal performance
  • - CafĂ© Shades & Blinds Between the Glass

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Because sliding windows have less moving parts they actually minimize the occurrence of maintenance Infact given the long-term operational costs sliding windows tend to be a lot cheaper, especially since a lot of homeowners neglect window upkeep from time to time.

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