Garden Windows

A garden window expands out from walls of your home in order to invite more sunlight into the home. They oftentimes come equipped with a shelf on which houseplants can be placed. Placement near the kitchen sink is a popular option for this type of window installation.


  • Improved energy efficiency from a beveled, multi-chambered vinyl.
  • Quanex Duralite spacer provides the highest level of.
    thermal performance of glass.
  • Aluminum reinforced sashes for structual integrity.
  • All-round weather stripping for additional thermal performance.
  • 3/4 insulated glass unit featuring LoE3 glass.
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Available with cafĂ© shades & blinds beteen glass. 

Garden Windows

Terra-nova garden windows are perfect for rooms that need plenty of natural ambient light. Our garden windows are the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms and a really smart choice for a home office. Garden windows can enhance any space with flowers, herbs, or other potted plants, creating a truly harmonic living experience

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