French Patio Doors

Open your space and blur the lines between inside and outside,.

Crafted to perfection

French doors have become a number one hit for new or updated homes. Not only do they give you a “modern” feel as soon as you open the door, but French doors let sunlight in when you want and keep cold air out whenever you choose.

Terra-Nova Windows

French Patio Doors


No matter how much time passes by french doors will always be in style. Create an easy yet tradition opening to your yard or patio .


French patio doors have a few moving parts , also engineering them is rocket science . Therefore maintenance is a breeze.


French Patio door let ample amounts of light into any place where they are installed . Illuminate your mind , body and space.

Blinds & Shades

Did you know in addition to building them custom, we actually carry stock french patio doors with blinds and shades already built in ?


The roots of French doors could be traced back to 16th to17th century  when France was at war with Italy, which had been experience. After  victories by the French over the Italians, the former brought along with  them some Renaissance artworks as well as some Renaissance  architectural ideas. 

Illuminate your space

French patio doors allow you to create a more open feel in your space . Perfect for a backyard entrance , or even a pool house / garage the possibilities are endless.


Having trouble deciding which windows and or patio doors to choose ? We can help , give us a call today .

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