Fixed Windows

Fixed windows provide a simple yet unrestricted outside view . It's time to let the light in .

Simple yet elegant

The advantages of picture windows. … Natural lighting: Because of their open design, picture windows are ideal for keeping a room well lit. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but even the smallest picture window will let sunlight into a room all day long

terra-nova windows

Fixed Windows

Energy Efficient

Because fixed windows don't open or close they provide the highest possible energy savings .


Fixed windows are perfect for any space where you want to add light and enhance view quality .


Because fixed windows have no moving parts they are the perfect blend of great value and low cost.


Fixed windows are a simple and elegant design option , that adds a strong sense of sophistication to any space.

picture windows are great for letting in a great deal of sunlight and connecting your ndoor living space with your natural outside surroundings.

Windows fitted for your world

Terra-Nova’s fixed windows can be made to fit almost any opening . This allows for maximum creativity when imagining your new space . Whether it’s a complete remodel , or just a replacement for an old existing window. Terra-Nova’s fixed windows are sure to feed your needs . 


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