Geometric windows

Geometric windows are stationary windows, with no operating sash. Geometric shapes are often used as accents, or as part of a larger window grouping. Multiple shapes and styles are available and each can be a custom size.

The shape of you

Geometric Windows. Available in a variety of geometric shape and colors, specialty windows add instant character to your home. Use these windows to create a focal point in your home or add more light to an area. All geometric windows are available in custom sizes to suit your needs.

Terra-Nova windows

Geometric windows

Energy Efficient

Geometric windows have no moving parts because of which the offer a permanent seal between inside and outside . So what are you gonna do with all that extra money you will be saving

Low Maintenence

Geometric windows are fixed . The only maintenance need is a good cleaning every so often to maintan visual appearance . Other then that , set it then forget it .

Many Variations

From circles , to squares , to pentagons , and hexagon there are so many different styles and shapes to choose from .


No other windows style can make a stronger statement than a well placed Geometric windows from Terra-Nova .

Not sure how to accent your space with and add light . Maybe Geometric windows from Terra-Nova Windows are what you need . If you need help making a decision give us a call and we can walk you through your decision process . 

Get Creative

Geometric windows come in so many shapes and sizes the possibilities are literally endless. Now it’s time to let you creativity flow . Go ahead , express yourself it’s time to represent “you”


Having trouble deciding which windows and or patio doors to choose ? We can help , give us a call today .

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